The Terrifying Terraces of Lafayette

How a proposal for 315 apartments came to embody the California Housing Crisis and the burgeoning YIMBY movement

This saga was covered extensively in Golden Gates
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A rendering of the terrifying Terraces of Lafayette
Early coverage of Sonja Trauss’s lawsuit

The first suit is by the San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation. It claims Lafayette broke state law when it failed to approve the apartment project, even though the property was zoned for high density housing.

The group’s co-founder, Sonja Trauss says the apartments would have rented at median rates for median income people. “Lafayette hardly has any apartments. So, we sued because that is a violation of the Housing Accountability Act,” she said.

The lawsuit also claims discrimination, saying apartment residents tend to be “more ethnically diverse than the existing population” of Lafayette.” So the failure to put in apartments will “disproportionately affect racial minorities.”

A screenshot from the website of Save Lafayette
Inclusive Lafayette is asking for change



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