YIMBY Action Informal Midyear Report 2020

What Your Dollars Have Accomplished

Gillian Pressman, YIMBY Action Director of Development

Growth and Capacity Building

Elizabeth Hansburg and Kelsey Banes join YIMBY Action
A range of online events helped us grow our list by 35% during shelter-in-place
The YIMBY Action Board, with new members!
Co-hosting events is a powerful way to build relationships
Catch up on the series on YouTube or the Blog

Political Impact

We also launched sales of these face masks on the YIMBY Action store
Our Keep Public Meetings Public! campaign will keep hearings democratic
YIMBY-endorsed candidate Alex Lee will champion housing for California Assembly District 25
An appalling example from 2014 of why we need Housing Elements Watchdogs. Cities are cheating!

Keep this movement going



Yes to people. Yes to housing. yimbyaction.org

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