YIMBY Action Informal Midyear Report 2020

What Your Dollars Have Accomplished

Gillian Pressman, YIMBY Action Director of Development

Growth and Capacity Building

Expanding Regionally

In mid-January, we officially welcomed Kelsey Banes, a Lead organizer with our Peninsula for Everyone chapter, as our San Francisco Peninsula/Silicon Valley Executive Director.

Elizabeth Hansburg and Kelsey Banes join YIMBY Action

Growing the YIMBY Base

In 2020, we shared pro-housing messages with a wider audience than ever before. In addition to our clubs’ regular meetings, we hosted 29 special events in 2020 (an average of 1.2 per week). We grew our list by 35% just since shelter-in-place began, with the biggest growth coming from the San Francisco Peninsula, San Francisco South Bay, and Orange County in Southern California, and through interest groups like Urban Environmentalists.

A range of online events helped us grow our list by 35% during shelter-in-place

Expanding Our Leadership

In 2020, we elevated a new Board Chair, Ernest Brown, to leadership and recruited five new Board members in Sasha Aickin, Peter Ambler, Jeff Fong, Parag Gupta, and Leora Tanjuatco-Ross, adding considerable talent and expertise from a range of industries.

The YIMBY Action Board, with new members!

Building and Strengthening Pro-Housing Coalitions

Co-hosting events is a powerful way to build relationships

Actualizing our Commitment to Equity

Under the leadership of our Board Chair, Ernest Brown, we have invested considerably in reflection and learning around the specific goal of actualizing our Equity Vision by recruiting and elevating more diverse voices in the YIMBY movement.

Catch up on the series on YouTube or the Blog

Political Impact

Providing COVID Relief to the Unhoused and Housing Insecure

We also launched sales of these face masks on the YIMBY Action store

Approving Local Housing Projects

Across our regions, we’ve helped approve over 5,000 units of housing in 2020. Notable wins include the Midway Village project in Daly City, CA (redevelopment of lower-density affordable housing into 555 affordable homes) and the Euclid at Lincoln project (115 missing middle homes in Anaheim, CA).

Our Keep Public Meetings Public! campaign will keep hearings democratic

Getting Pro-Housing Candidates Elected

The March elections enabled us to launch and beta-test our electoral infrastructure. With new, standardized candidate vetting processes (including questionnaires and member interviews), a revised endorsement procedure, we’ll be launching endorsements in more jurisdictions than ever.

YIMBY-endorsed candidate Alex Lee will champion housing for California Assembly District 25

Passing Pro-Housing Legislation

While many of the biggest bills in California are not moving forward this year, a small package of pro-housing bills remain. Meanwhile, bills that the YIMBY movement helped successfully pass are beginning to bear fruit in California’s Housing Element process. YIMBY Action and YIMBY Law are training up Housing Element Watchdogs to ensure every community is zoning for and building their fair share of housing in 2020.

An appalling example from 2014 of why we need Housing Elements Watchdogs. Cities are cheating!

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